The Working Principle and Uses of a Servo Drive System

Servo Drive System

A servo drive system works as a supplier of power to electric servomechanisms. It is a kind of electronic amplifier that monitors a servomechanism’s feedback signal and continuously works to adjust it if deviates from the required limit.

The Industry Applications of a Servo Drive System

Servo drives have various industry uses including robotics, factory automation, and CNC machining among others. They feature motor feedback, which gives them an edge over the AC and DC motors. The motor feedback is efficient in detecting random motion and making sure that the commanded motion is accurate.

How Servo Drives Work

Servo Drive SystemA servo drive system works for keeping the motion of a network proportional to the command signal. It amplifies the signal after receiving it from a control system and then channels electric current to a servo motor for producing the required motion.

The control system commands a velocity, torque, or position by sending signals. The servo drive receives the actual status of the servo motor through a sensor attached to the motor. The drive then ensures the correct flow of the desired motion by adjusting the voltage frequency or pulse width.

The primary function of a servo drive is to create a balance between the rotating velocity of the servo motor and the commanded velocity signal. The process of adjusting the parameters to achieve the desired result is called performance tuning.

Servo Drive Products

You’ll find a broad range of products in the market for a servo drive system. A few has been discussed below:

Unidrive M700

It provides high-quality motor control for servo applications, permanent magnet, and induction.

Digitax ST

Digitax ST is a high-dynamic servo drive optimized for pulse duty. It has five varieties, which do the job of reducing developing and commissioning time while enhancing throughput with excellent motor control. They are flexible enough to be compatible with smaller and higher-performing machinery.

Epsilon EP

It is a small servo drive that is sufficiently versatile to be used for different functions as a simple amplifier to a programmable motion controller. The easy-to-use drive is available in various types, ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Servo Drive System

Unidrive SP

It is a tool that can control different types of industrial motors. It operates as a top-quality amplifier in servo mode. It is highly optimized for continuous duty applications such as labeling, winding, and printing.

Multi-Axis Modular Drive System (MDS)

It is a powerful and cost-effective bus solution for multiple servo axes (up to 8). It uses FM function module for providing scalable motion control functionality.