Electricians Technical Math

Electricians technical math is a skill that must be mastered to ensure that the installation can be done efficiently, without potential issues that can cause you and your family serious harm. Are you interested in becoming an electrician? Well, if that is the case, you might want to make sure you are up on your

The Working Principle and Uses of a Servo Drive System

A servo drive system works as a supplier of power to electric servomechanisms. It is a kind of electronic amplifier that monitors a servomechanism’s feedback signal and continuously works to adjust it if deviates from the required limit. The Industry Applications of a Servo Drive System Servo drives have various industry uses including robotics, factory

A Brief Guide to Electrical Relays for Dummies

Simply put, a relay is a kind of switch that is operated electrically. Many relays make use of an electromagnet to make a switch to function. However, they use other operating principles too. To understand different aspects of electrical relays, follow this brief guide for electrical relays for dummies. It focuses on the definition of

Types of the Most Popular Electronic Sensors

You’ll find electronic sensors and their supporting accessories in everyday objects such as lights and elevator buttons. They are widely used in some traditional fields such as the measurement of flow, pressure, and temperature. However, their applications have been expanded into more complex areas such as medicine, robotics, aerospace, airplane, and more with the advanced

Electrical Raceways: Common Facts about their Types & Installation

Electrical raceways or raceway systems are an enclosed conduit that works as a passageway for electrical wiring. They mainly provide protection for wires and cables from various types of external damages and injuries caused by heat, weather, and water. Raceways also add to the aesthetics of a room by concealing those ugly wires mounting on

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Its Types

They are digital computers used to control mechanical automation in industries by monitoring outputs and inputs. They make logic-based commands for electro-mechanical processes and industries. They are made in a special way to survive unfriendly conditions such as moisture, dust cold, and heat. How a PLC is developed? Inside the PLC, there is a programmed

The Criteria to Consider While Choosing Circular Connector Types

Any electrical connector can be circular connectors if they have multi-pin interconnects featuring circular contact interface with cylindrical contact housings. A variety of circular connector types is there that are used for applications that demand high reliability such as military and aerospace. Circular connectors are widely used for some of their unique capabilities. They can

A Brief Guide to Understanding AC Drive System

The function of an AC Drive is to change the speed and torque of an electric motor (AC Motor) used in electro-mechanical drive systems by changing the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the motor. An AC Drive system, which is also known as a variable-frequency drive (VFD), inverter drive, variable speed drive,

Advantages of Cable Tray Systems and a Brief Guide to its Fittings

Cable tray systems are extremely popular because of having certain edges over other wiring systems such as conduit pipes. They are cost-efficient, easier to maintain, and more flexible to changes and reliable. In addition, they are designed to eliminate all the safety risks associated with other wiring systems. Selecting the right electric cable tray is

AV Connectors

From helping you out in creating an all in one home theater system to enhancing the speed of your internet connection, AV connectors can prove to be very beneficial. It is crucial to have the right cable for your devices because your connection is only as powerful as the most vulnerable electronic component involved. If