OSHA Promotes #MySafeSummerJob


The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) of the US Department of Labor has recently released a campaign for workers to promote their safety through a social media campaign using the hashtag #MySafeSummerJob. The campaign aims to educate the employees about their rights in their workplaces, how to escalate issues especially about the dangerous work conditions, and how to ensure that they protect themselves.

This month-long campaign will begin from April 15 to May 17, 2019.is with partnership with various work safety organizations, such as the Wage and Hour Division (WHD)Board of Certified Safety Professionals, American Hygiene Association, American Society of Safety Professionals, CareerSafe, and more.

During the period, OSHA will be discussing various themes, to empower the young professionals in their workplaces. This includes “You Can Get Help,” “Every Job has Hazards,” You have Rights,” and “Speak Up; Injuries are Preventable.” Young professionals are encouraged to use the hashtag when posting their questions or images related about the campaign.