LED Lighting to be Used in Disinfecting Hospitals

Innovations in the lighting industry have suggested how LED lights can minimize chances of hospital-acquired illnesses. A video was recently released by the EdisonReport and the National Lighting Bureau featuring Deb Zawodny of New Star Lighting and Colleen Costello of Vital Bio where they have thoroughly discussed how a certain type of LED lighting can effectively disinfect germs in the hospital.

Vital Vio has introduced the concept of how violet wavelength can be used as a disinfectant. Ultraviolet disinfecting is relatively not new in the industry as it has been used for various applications. However, it can impose serious harm to humans when they get exposed. The announcement basically explains how to ensure that the violet wavelength can be used as a safe way to decrease, or completely eliminate, chances of acquiring hospital-borne diseases.

According to Costello, “We use violet wavelengths between 400 nanometers and 420 nanometers to target molecules in certain organisms and these targeted organisms are not present in human cells, so it is safe for people.”

The Vital Vio’s technology will only be effective after 90 minutes of exposure. Continuous cleaning using white light with high violet content is required to maintain the effectiveness and deep cleaning with the pure violet spectrum.

Zawodny reiterated that although the violet wavelength has high efficacy, it does not replace cleaning.