How to Adapt to the Latest NFPA 70E

nfpa 70e

After thorough deliberation among the members of the Technical Committee on Electrical Safety in the Workplace, and collating the new recommendations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Fire Protection Association has released the revised version of the NFPA 70E.

The main reason of the revision was to ensure that the professionals following the guidelines will be able to thoroughly understand everything in the simplest form. One example is the revisions that were made on the PPE.

If you are using the old version, do not through it away. Although the newly revised NFPA 70E has shading to emphasize the changes, it lacks the written notes in the margin. By comparing the two versions, you will be able to figure why the changes were made, and divulge the unforeseen incidents caused by the previous guidelines. It can also help you transition seamlessly so as you can adapt quickly.