Exit Signs: Types and General Guidelines

Exit Signs

If you work in any sort of commercial environment, it is a good idea to have the building or office equipped with exit signs. These can save lives and are also often required to comply with building fire codes and insurance standards. If you are looking into getting these for your commercial building, here are some things you should know.

Types of Exit Signs

Exit signs are available at most electrical supply stores. There are also online electrical supply stores that specialize in these signs. LED exit signs are recommended since they are energy saving, lowering costs and consumption.

Other options you may want to consider are Tritium power free exit signs. These require no external power source, electrical connection or batteries. They are extremely reliable and maintenance free.

Exit Signs

A third option is photo luminescent exit signs. These are non-electrical so they eliminate operating costs. They do not require electricity or batteries making them virtually maintenance-free and easy to install.

Once you have these signs, it’s important to know the regulations that govern emergency lighting and exit sign requirements. There are many agencies responsible for setting these rules in place and it could get confusing. Regulations also may vary according to what state you are in.

If you are unsure of how to comply with your local emergency exit sign requirements, it may be best to reach out to the local fire marshal or inspector. It also may be a good idea to have your signs installed by a professional who is familiar with these regulations.

General Guidelines about Exit Signs

That being said, here are some general guidelines regarding the placement and visibility of the signs:

  • New exit signs must be placed in such a way so that they can be viewed from within 100 ft. in each exit access corridor.
  • Each sign must be readily visible and contrast against the background upon which it is placed.
  • No decorations, etc. should block the visibility of the sign.
  • All emergency signs should be tested on a regular basis by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). For more information on testing procedures, it is best to consult with the AHJ to make sure you are following all regulations.

Exit SignsExit signs are important for your company’s safety and they are also necessary for your business to keep in compliance with the law. To make sure that these are being installed properly, speak to your local offices or consult a professional. Good luck keeping your commercial building up to code and protecting the people who work there.