Electric Cars: Is Special Wiring Necessary?

Electric Cars

Electric cars offer the convenience of not requiring to go to the gas station…ever! These are environment-friendly, minimize the fuel crisis, and cost-efficient at the same time. Nonetheless, the vehicles fail to be popular among the mass population due to their short range and long charging time.

You’ll need to shell out huge money for a brand-name such as Tesla Model S to get a solution for the range issue. It’s possible to drive it up to 300 miles on a single charge while the limit of the most of the models is only 60 miles. On the other hand, you can certainly improve the charging time by using a new charger.

How to Reduce the Charging Time in Electric Cars?

Most people use a standard 110 home outlet for charging the hybrid vehicles. Using it for charging the electric cars is likely to take around 24 hours, which is impractical considering the lengthiness and the ever-growing electricity bill.

However, you can cut the charging period and limit it to as little as 3 hours by installing a 240-volt (Level 2) charger.

Is Special Wiring Necessary?

Electric CarsYes, it is. You just can’t upgrade an outlet from Level 1 to Level 2 without updating the electrical system. It has to be capable of handling the extra load of the charger.

You can get the solution in two steps – installing a new distribution board and improving the old wiring system of your garage where the electric cars will be parked and recharged with power.

Discard the old meter of your house and install a new one along with changing the breaker panel so that it does not fail when a greater amount of energy passes through it. Alongside, it’s necessary to replace the old cable network in the garage. It will reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by overheated wires. Just make sure that both the EV-charger and the wiring have been installed by following the related Articles of the National Electrical Code.

The Costs of Completing Such a Project

Electric CarsThe charges required for the electric cars are priced around $500 to $1,000. It can go up and down depending on the cord length and amperage. The bigger they are, the more you have to pay.Changing the wiring system will also require money. Moreover, if you hire professionals for this job, you will have to pay their bills too. Nevertheless, the good news is many electric utilities offer incentives on the purchase of an electric vehicle or a plug-in, which is likely to cover the cost of the charger and its installation.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Absolutely! Replacing the wiring definitely requires an experienced electrician, but the installation of the EV charger is not that much of a risk if you know the way to work around a 240-volt dryer outlet. Still, hiring an electrical contractor is the safe bet considering the maze of electrical codes related to such a project.


Installing the proper charger for the electric cars is necessary if you don’t want to wait the whole day or night to replenish the battery and deal with a shocking electricity bill. Don’t forget to use a professional service to make the procedure risk-free.