Easy Steps in Our Lifestyle For Conserving Electricity


ElectricityThe soaring electricity bill claims a major household expenditure for many people. The common solutions such as installing solar panels or upgrading to energy star certified appliances for controlling the expenses cost money and time. Is there any budget-friendly way to control it? Yes, there is! You can lower the use, and conserve electricity and save money in the process, by simply changing some lifestyle habits.

Easy Steps for Conserving Electricity

You don’t need to cut your electricity usage or go for costly installations to save on the bills. Just follow these tips, and you’ll be surprised by the results at the end of a month:

Check the Air Vents

You must use air conditioning, which normally accounts a major portion of the electricity bill if you live with sunny weather all year round. In that case, check the vents to see if they are open or not. Many people deliberately keep them close thinking that it reduces energy consumption, which is just a myth. Open them, and your AC will no longer struggle to keep the apartment cool.

Upgrade and Scale Down

Old appliances are huge energy hogs. If you can’t get rid of that beat-up microwave or water heater just to save the cost of a new one, know that using it will actually cost more money in energy bills.

In addition, refrigerators consume a lot of energy. So, if you have more than one, scale back and ditch the older ones.

Detect Poor Electrical Wiring and Upgrade

Most people don’t consider it as an energy-consuming component. But, it has resistance, and defective wiring causes overheat and excessive voltage drop, and therefore uses energy. Find out if your electrical appliances heat up too slowly, you have few switches and outlets than required, circuit breakers trip often, or you frequently use extension cords. Any of these symptoms indicate a faulty wiring system that you need to either repair or upgrade.

ElectricityFollow Some Refrigerator Hacks

The way you preserve your food there can affect your energy consumption. Keep it loaded with foods, which will act as insulation and lessen the required cooling time. Besides, don’t put hot or uncovered food and drinks there as it causes the fridge to work harder and use more electricity.

Furthermore, clean the dirty condenser coil at every three months so that it does not have to work harder for cooling the food.

Use Curtains

It may sound silly, but it can really cut down on your air conditioning use. Block the sun ray coming into your home by using drapes and blinds. It will prevent the interior temperature to rise up.

Don’t Use the ‘Heat Dry’ on Dishwasher

The major portion of the power consumed by a dishwasher goes to heating water. While cleaning the dishes require lukewarm water, you can minimize the drain by turning off the ‘heat dry’ feature. Either wipe the dishes with a dry piece of cloth or use a rinsing agent that will prevent water to stick to them.


It seems that conversing electricity does not require major cutbacks on using appliances and electrical devices. It may require a little amount of money but will reduce the energy cost of your electronics by a huge margin at the end. Review your household’s energy use and work out a strategy for more efficient consumption.