Different Types of Non-Metal Conduits

benefits of non-metal conduits

Non-metal conduits are low cost and durable electrical pipes that protect the wiring in residential and commercial buildings. The conduits do not allow ingress of water nor suffer from corrosion compared to some types of the metallic conduits. For this reason, they can be perfectly…

Different Types of Metal Conduits

different types of metal conduits

Metal conduits are hollow tubes that protect electrical wires from mechanical and chemical damage while providing an organized route for the cables. Due to the enhanced strength, the metal conduits are suitable for demanding applications and environments. Running the cables through the tubes protects them…

Different Types of Flexible Electrical Conduit

construction of flexible electrical conduit

The flexible electrical conduit is made of continuously interlocking metallic or non-metallic strips, which allows it to easily bend or take any shape. Designed to bend and respond to movements or vibrations, the conduits are suitable for applications where it is difficult or impractical to…

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