7 Alternatives of Getting Solar Power Aside from Putting Panels on Your Roof

solar power energy

Now that the renewable energy sources and solar power are more commonly used today, it is important to understand their advantages. As such, we know that the main method of harnessing solar power is through the use of solar panels, but only a few has access to this, so this brings us to determine some alternatives for everyone to acquire solar power aside from putting panels on your roof.

1. The Use of Solar Power Converters/Adapter

Very simple and cheap, this device measures the average daily use of energy by using a smart outlet adapter and upgrades to solar power by purchasing bits of solar energy certificate.

2. Solar Sharing

People can own a solar farm individually or as a community to share the construction cost, and acquire credit for selling solar power to power companies.

3. Peer-to-Peer Solar Sharing Networks

Solar energy can be shared by neighbors. A sun partner can harness solar power from the host with solar panels, and get energy directly from neighbors.

4. Solar Powered Bike

It charges the battery of a motionless bike, and then the solar cells will provide energy on a moving bike.

5. Solar Powered Grid

Solar farms installed by governments can provide electricity to large places such as cities/airports by connecting to grids.

6. Solar Lights

Solar lights have a panel that charges during the day and can be used for lighting for up to 12 hours.

7. Solar Power Plug

A portable device that can be mounted on a wall to get access to a large amount of sun rays, which absorbs solar energy and converts it to electricity.

Now that we know some of the many alternatives in acquiring solar power, we don’t have to spend so much for expensive solar panels anymore, and also minimize the effort in installing or removing them. As such, these alternatives are a result of technological advancements which continuously provide convenience to people.