2017 Top 5 Electrical Supply Stores

Electrical Supply Stores

Electrical supply stores are the main source of getting the supplies for electrical projects. They keep the job sites and industries operational by providing electrical tools and accessories. You need the products for installing various systems and running the equipment, and these stores have you covered for all of your electrical needs.

The Top 5 Electrical Supply Stores in 2017

Some electrical distributors have shown exceptional performance this year. We’ve rounded up a list of five companies that have outshined others in 2017. Find out detailed information about the brands and their services.

1# US Electrical Services, Inc.

Electrical Supply StoresIt’s not easy to hold the top position in an industry worth of $90 billion in the USA alone! The US Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) has done the impossible by virtue of its rapid growth and excellent performance. The American-owned and privately-held company was founded in 2006. It’s one of the largest independent electrical wholesale distributors in the country. It’s comprised of 11 regional businesses, some of which have been around for more than a century.

USESI sells products from more than 1,000 manufacturers spanning around 125 brick and mortar electrical supply stores. At any time, they carry an inventory of 300,000 unique products worth of more than $100 million.

Product Types and Services

USESI distributes a broad range of products covering almost all types of industries and markets. You can also rely on them for project management services and the total operation and maintenance of commercial construction areas.

The company offers a seamless purchase process with the integration of advanced technologies. Its industry solutions and services are top-grade because of using business process software, an improved e-commerce platform, and e-learning modules.

2# Buffalo Electric Supply

Based in Birmingham, Buffalo Electric Supply is the leading independent distributor of wholesale electrical products and tools in Alabama. It’s a full-service company that is capable of meeting the demands of all types of consumers.

The family-owned business was founded in 1955 and it thrived under the supervision of the co-founder Clayton “Clay” McCarroll. It’s unique because it provides a package of a local-shop service with an extensive stock that can meet needs of even the industrial plants and projects.

Product Types and Services

You can consider the Buffalo Electric Supply as a one-stop shop for wholesale electric products. It specializes in the sale of residential, commercial, and industrial electric supplies.

Buffalo ensures that all the products are in stock and ready to deliver on demand. Another exclusive service is the shipping facility to anywhere. Whether your job site is in Florida, Georgia, or somewhere else, the company will deliver your products in a timely fashion. You can even take the advantages of a personalized service and flexible delivery schedule.

3# Electric Supply, Inc.

It’s not a small feat to become an American State’s largest independent distributor from the smallest one in less than 50 years! Electric supply has achieved that success by becoming the biggest wholesale electrical and voice data video distributor in Florida. It runs its business operation all over the State and numerous international markets.

Founded in 1970, the Electric Supply is a family owned business that deals with scores of local and international companies and contractors.

Product Types and Services

The company has a huge warehouse (90,000 square feet) with an inventory worth of $8 million. It sells a wide array of electrical and utility supplies. It also has access to non-traditional electrical and data products and provides inventory consignment.

The company uses a Radio Frequency Inventory Management System to maintain their product inventory and delivery systems. It guarantees the stock of the top 250 items, order accuracy, and the readiness of the will-call order within 25 minutes of placing it.

4# World Electric Supply

The World Electric Supply started its journey in 1999 as a part of the global company, Sonepar. However, it has shown tremendous improvement in extending beyond its immediate location – North Miami Beach. From one single site, it has now expanded to 10 locations across Florida. It has many facilities, totaling nearly 320,000 square feet of space, where the products are in stock and ready to be delivered.

Electrical Supply StoresAs a part of the Sonepar USA, the company gets top-notch corporate support based on the regional needs. You will also find family-oriented values and local popularity into that strong global base.

Product Types and Services

Like the other electrical supply stores listed here, the World Electric Supply also sells a huge number of products. It has a team of specialists that are always available to assist the customers with their product choices. Whether it’s a complex engineering task or a simple DIY project, the professionals will help you in each step.

It has experts equipped with the knowledge of all the new energy-conserving technologies. They help the customers in managing the energy costs of their office and factories.

5# K&M Electric Supply, Inc.

Ken Mooney and Ron Kaylor established the K&M Electric Supply in 1972 with some specific goals in mind – prioritizing the customers and becoming everyone’s distributor of choice. It’s a full-line global distributor of electrical components with the ability to meet the demands of all kinds of projects.

Product Types and Services

The company has an inventory of a wide variety of products for various industries. It guarantees product accuracy, on-time delivery, and lower installation costs. It genuinely cares about the growth of its customers and vendors.

The Final Words

These electrical supply stores are some of the best and largest electrical components distributors in the industry. These have the capability of serving millions of operations in various industries in hundreds of ways. All of them have the reputation to be the industry leaders along with adequate inventory and great customer service to back that up.