A Look into the Types of Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Installing new exterior lighting fixtures is the perfect way to spruce up the look of your home and increase its curb appeal. Whether you use post lights to enhance the security of your garage area and driveway, style up your outdoor walls and ceilings with wall-mount and ceiling lighting fixtures, or brighten an entryway and

The History of Electricity

Any person, not only the kids but the adults too, will be fascinated by the history of electricity – from the discovery of electric power to the way it has become an integral part of the human civilization. Electrical energy is indispensable for our daily life – from lighting up our homes to cooking food

Workplace Electrical Risks and Prevention

Workplace electrical risks have been drastically increasing today, but there are several preventive measures that companies can do to prevent these mishaps. Ensuring the electrical safety should be the priority in a workplace, especially in the places where the workers such as power line staff, electricians, electronic technicians, and engineers work with electricity directly. It

Building Automation Systems (BAS) and the Importance of Control Systems Networking

Building Automation Systems are interlinked, centralized, networks of software and hardware which control and monitor the environment in industrial, commercial, as well as institutional facilities. The BAS system ensures the safety, comfort of building occupants and operational performance of the entire facility. These control systems are perfect for installing in the new building and it

Energy-Efficiency Controls for Commercial HVAC

With the controls, advanced energy-efficiency, the commercial building can easily cut by an average of fifty-seven percent their HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) electricity use and the result found by a trial (year-long) of advanced controls at different commercial buildings, grocery stores and malls across the country. The PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) of

Network Cabling 101

Here are some efficient network cabling 101 that you must secure to ensure that you can get the most of your chosen network company. There is no one-size-fits-all way or method to infrastructure and networking. A unique and Band-Aid approach will not protect a business or solve networking problems.  You will discover why strategic mapping

Different Kinds of Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are probably the most commonly purchased of electrical supplies, but there’s still a lot of thought process that may go into your purchase. You may want to think about energy efficiency. You may want to think about what mood you are trying to create with the lighting in your home. Here we will

Exit Signs: Types and General Guidelines

If you work in any sort of commercial environment, it is a good idea to have the building or office equipped with exit signs. These can save lives and are also often required to comply with building fire codes and insurance standards. If you are looking into getting these for your commercial building, here are

Discover Safety Tips for Electrical Installations

If you are working with electricity and electrical supplies, it’s very important to make sure you are complying with recommended safety precautions of electrical installations. Whether you are an electrician, or a do-it-your-selfer, working with electricity can be a very dangerous undertaking. Rules about Electrical Installations Here are some general rules you should be aware

Electrical Safety After Natural Disasters

Unfortunate though it may be, natural disasters are part of life. Though many of us do not like to think about what might happen in the case of natural disasters, it’s important to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Natural disasters can be particularly damaging when it comes to your electrical system. It can be